The Founder Chris Noel

Simply put, without Chris, there would be no Vetsville.  

She is a remarkable woman who has done, and continues to do, remarkable things.  


Chris Noel started as a model in West Palm Beach, Florida, and broke into show business doing MISTER ROBERTS on stage with Hugh O'Brian.

Called “the next Marilyn Monroe,” sexy new starlet Chris Noel landed a role opposite Steve McQueen in SOLDIER IN THE RAIN in 1963, then appeared in GIRL HAPPY with Elvis Presley, BEACH BALL with Edd Byrnes, and CEASE FIRE with Don Johnson.

In 1965, Chris joined the Governor of California, baseball legend Sandy Kofax and others in touring Letterman Hospital in California. Chris put on a happy face while visiting the gangrene ward, but the condition of the Vietnam vets she saw there shocked her deeply. It was a life-changing experience.

Chris vowed to do something to help our servicemen, and fulfilled her vow when the Pentagon hired her to do a daily, hour-long radio show broadcast to our troops in Vietnam and around the world.

Her AFRTS radio program was called "A Date With Chris," and she opened each program by cooing, "Hi love!" From 1966-1969, as the war raged, Chris went to Vietnam personally, making popular tours that brought a much-needed "touch of home" to our fighting forces in remote locations thousands of miles from home.

As the war wound down, Chris noticed that many veterans were being displaced, disrespected, and turned away from employment. They fell into unfortunate circumstances, and thousands ended up homeless and hopeless.

In 1993, she opened Vetsville Cease Fire House, Inc.,  a shelter for homeless American veterans of Vietnam and the Gulf War, as well as the Iraq and the Afghanistan Wars. To this day, Chris continues to lift up fallen veterans, helping them regain their lives and self-respect.

She continues to attend vet-related events such as Rolling Thunder, a massive gathering focusing on POWS and MIA soldiers, held annually in Washington, D.C., as well as numerous smaller events across the country.

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